They told stories of course, about their neighbours and about the Laird and Minister and smugglers and lovers - the vivid people who were part of their own circumstances.

The Power of Storytelling

The storyteller - Mask - Movement - Voice

These residential courses are of particular value to anyone working in the fields of education, mental health, social care and additional support needs.

Story is one of man's oldest tools for communication and recording history. This course explores the expressive arts withing the framework of storytelling and helps us to discover the transformative power of story.

  • THE STORYTELLER - Learn to tell stories, make effective use of voice, rhythm and gesture. Explore how to be a 'weaver of tales' within the tradition of myth, legend and folktale.

  • MASK, MOVEMENT AND VOICE - Develop your own theme and story, creating your own masks, props and storyboard. Explore the imagery and effective use of masks, role play, contact improvisation and creative movement.


  • Weekend course - £345 (3 nights)
  • Week long course - £485 (6 nights)