They told stories of course, about their neighbours and about the Laird and Minister and smugglers and lovers - the vivid people who were part of their own circumstances.

Below you will find a sample of testimonials from people that have attended evenings of storytelling run by Lynn and John at Via House and the Stromness Hotel.

"A real feel of Orkney - hidden mysteries unveiled - thank you!"


"I adore wonderful storytelling, and this was a really captivating evening,! It was a wonderful performance. Very well done. Your work is both very important and wonderfully spoken"

Anna from Alaska

"Like nothing we have experienced before - didn't want it to stop. Great!!"

Larry from Australia

"A magical evening - thank you "


"Stories keep us alive. Thanks for sharing your joy and passion and this beautiful gift"

Byron, Jessica and Aurora

"Our second visit - enjoyed the evening again"

Roy and Donna

"2nd time I have been, important part of an Orkney visit..."


"We should have come on our first night, not our last! We really enjoyed it."

Trish and Tony

"Thanks for a very full experience of Orkney culture"

Lesley and John from California

"Well balanced, informative, great fun - thank you!"


"Delightful and gripping - would recommend!"


"A magical experience - I was mesmerised - thank you"

Clare from Tyne and Wear

"Beautiful storytelling and spine chilling. Many thanks"

Lesley from Loch Lomand

"Who could ask for a better guide to all things Orcadian? An unforgettable story - I shall return!"

Tony from Buckinghamshire

"Last night in Orkney and the best! Thank you!"